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Turn your home into a natural oasis

Bring Some Natural Beauty into Your Home

A garden oasis brings peace and tranquillity in the summer months. Take some of that atmosphere into your home to enjoy all year round.

Changing working patterns and an increased number of people working flexibly and remotely means we are spending far more time in our homes than we did 20 years ago. Home is no longer a simple roof over our head and place to congregate and recharge at the end of a busy day. For many of us, it is also our workplace, our social space and our refuge.

As such, it is more important than it has ever been to put time and thought into our domestic surroundings. Interior designer and author Selina Lake has discussed this exact topic in some detail in her latest publication, Garden Style: Inspirational Styling For Your Outside Space. In it, she talks about how homeowners can bring the best of the outdoor into their bespoke conservatories or garden rooms. Let’s find out more.

Making The Most of Natural Light

We intuitively know that natural light is good for us, and that’s one thing that is in plentiful supply in a conservatory. Sunlight boosts the body’s vitamin D storage, and Vitamin D can help combat a variety of conditions, including diabetes, asthma, depression and even cancer.

For those who work from home, keep in mind that studies have shown those who work in natural light to be far more productive – meaning you can get your work done faster, and enjoy the rest of your day.

It’s Easy Being Green

The right colours make a big difference to the atmosphere in a conservatory or garden room. The simple act of painting walls or skirting boards green, or even adding green accessories such as vases, cushions and so on, helps promote a natural and calming atmosphere.

Share Your Space With Plants

Nothing says nature more than some colourful blooms and a pot plant or two. A bouquet of flowers adds vibrancy and life to the room, while indoor plants don’t just look good and add a natural touch, they can also deliver health benefits by reducing carbon dioxide levels.

In addition, researchers have found that the leaves of indoor plants absorb background noise, helping your indoor oasis to be an even calmer refuge. Particularly handy if you have a busy road outside.

Just Add Water

Visualise a garden oasis, and the chances are you will be picturing a pond or fountain. There’s nothing to stop you from bringing this kind of feature into your home with an indoor water feature.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can cost as little as £20. They are fully self-contained, so do not have to be attached to a water supply. Just plug them in, sit back and relax.

Enjoying Nature, Whatever the Weather

A conservatory is a great way to enjoy the natural light and the view of your garden, whatever the British weather might throw at you. But by taking inspiration from the great outdoors and bringing it inside, you can truly create an indoor oasis to enjoy all year round.